Roughly translated, Sychpwll means dry pool or dry hollow. The Sychpwll settlement dates from around 1590 and was historically the resting place for farmers taking their livestock to market. Sychpwll is located just outside the village of Llandrinio which dates back to at least 600AD when a religious settlement stood on the site of Llandrinio’s existing Church.

Renovation of Sychpwll’s farmhouse began in 1982 along with creation of the gardens using organic and permaculture principles. Shortly after, seven acres surrounding the holding were purchased and Sychpwll became a ten acre smallholding. The majority of the trees around the property and along the river were planted during this time, the gardens developed, and reed beds to manage waste water were created. Other projects around that time included companion planting, reseeding the land with a natural fescue rich lay and the clearing of the waterway adjacent to Sychpwll’s land, between the River Vyrnwy and the River Severn.

Over time Sychpwll organically evolved in more ways than one, progressing from a smallholding to become an informal centre for the exchange of ideas on sustainability, natural healing and the arts. In order to invite more people to enjoy and experience the centre, during this period we constructed various eco buildings and upgraded our shower and toilet facilities.