Outside Spaces

The Sychpwll Centre is a ten acre site, which is divided into a five acre wildflower meadow, a two acre meadow with a wildlife corridor which separates the fields, and remaining three acres consisting of the river side meadow, buildings and gardens.

Large private groups of up to 100 campers can book the site for private use. This can include schools, youth clubs, specialised groups, outward bound expeditions etc. Contact Ben on 07816 530 615 for more details. 


The Five Acre Meadow

The Five Acre Wildflower Meadow is a large open flat field that is ideal for camping, events and weddings. One can drive around the edge of the field and in the summer season individual camping spots are mown. You are invited to pitch tents / gazebos alongside vehicles so you can enjoy the stunning views and open spaces in privacy.







The Two Acre Meadow

The Two Acre Meadow has a cosy protected feel with higher hedges. The meadow is a short walk from the parking areas and is vehicle free. Over the years it has been a popular place to erect marquees, tipi’s, dance floors, stages and catering during wedding and events.







Other Outside Spaces

The Wildlife Corridor is a 200 metre natural corridor that separates the two and five acre fields. The trees meet as they grow creating a natural corridor which is home to many species of bird. The bottom of the corridor opens out to a space that people can congregate or sit and for this reason it is very popular for wedding processions and marches. The rest of Sychpwll is made up of the buildings, gardens and the field leading down to the River Vyrnwy. We keep to organic and permaculture principles and aim to be as sustainable as possible.