The Straw-Bale Barn and Crow’s Nest

Straw-Bale BarnThe Straw-Bale Barn

The Straw-Bale Barn is a 42x18ft multi-functional space with a 13x11ft mezzanine. The space is generally used for courses and workshops and has room for up to around 20 course participants.

The barn also doubles as a large dorm space, sleeping up to around 20 people. In the past it has been popular with groups of walkers and friends looking to share a special experience together, with groups having access to the toilets and showers and the Straw-Bale Kitchen next door.

The original barn was converted using straw bales and lime plaster to construct the walls, and has 44 solar panels on the roof, providing enough electricity to power the whole centre.




The Crow’s Nest

A stairway leads up from the Straw-Bale Barn to a studio space we call The Crow’s Nest, which is equipped with a fully fitted kitchen, dining table, double bed and sofa bed. Access to the outside using steps down to toilets and showers is also available. There is also an internal viewing window down into the barn and a small balcony outside to enjoy the sunshine.

The Straw-Bale Barn and Crow’s Nest are available at £175 for 24 hours exclusive use and discounts are available if booked as part of a course, event or wedding package.